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Based on familly tradition for many generations, for over 65 years, Franco Familly, has been dealing with dried tomatoes, figs, apricots, spices and herbs in Turkey with pride and integrity. In 2014, company named Franco Foods with the change in the shareholding structure. Ever since, Franco Foods continue to cater to the high food market, including international wholesalers, food services and retailers with finest quality products grown in Turkey. Franco Foods serves wholesale and food processing companies by producing special products to their needs.


With our knowledge and experience, based on significant, creative technological advances in tomato production methods, we are able to offer high quality, safe products to our clients. Therefore, well-known with its product quality, we have all facilities to offer tailer made products to our client’s special needs

  • 1952
    • Fratelli Franco company established by Franco brothers;
    • Giuseppe and Davide
  • 1953
    • Shortly after losing his brother Davide, Giuseppe Franco,
    • established new company Franco Foods
  • 1990
    • Maurice started to work in the family business
  • 1998
    • ISO Quality Systems have been implemented;
    • Franco company was the first
    • Dried Food company in the industry to implement
    • ISO quality system in Turkey
  • 2000
    • New products added to the production line
  • 2014
    • Franco Foods company established to continue the traditions of
    • Franco Family after the loss of family elders
  • 2015-2016
    • BRC Certificate implemented
  • 2017-2020
    • The company is in business by following the values of the Franco Family since then.